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Japanese woman writing a letter
Woman Writing a Letter
color woodcut, 1850 - 1851 by Japanese artist Tsunoda Kunisada

I am so desperately indignant with you for writing me that short apology for a note, and pretending to suppose that under any circumstances I could fail to read with interest anything you wrote to me, that I have more than half a mind to inflict a regular letter upon you. If I were not the gentlest of men I should do it!

— Charles Dickens

Letters & Letter Writing

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Getting it Right

Wikipedia... looking for a name, a date, or an explanation? Wikipedia is free!
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The Post Office

Postage Rate Calculator... USPS domestic and international postage calculator.
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Pen Pal Sites

Handicapped Friends Pen Pal Club... for people with disabilities and their friends. the wonderful world of letter writers.
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Collecting the Mail

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