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Sample listings

Wondering what to say in your listing in The Letter Exchange? These samples may help.

Are the Tolkien movies really true to the books? Let’s discuss.

Firefighter about to retire after 35 years. Free time sounds great, but will I be bored?

Just when I think I have life all figured out, it changes. You too?

Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance - does it explain the value of religious rituals? How can we use this insight in our daily lives?

Published essayist and closet poet would like to exchange writing for mutual, gentle criticism.

Seeking ideas for keeping my grandchildren from drifting away when they move to Hawaii.

Why are people still trying to write The Great American Novel when there's Moby Dick?

I enjoy Big Band music, PBS, watching rugby and trying to make my African violets bloom. What do you enjoy?

Let’s discuss the world political situation from a Zen perspective.

Sample Ghost Letter listings

Tired of being yourself? Try on a new character by writing as a historical, fictional, or imaginary entity in a Ghost Letter!

Dear Mother: I’ve arrived in the mountains, but the villagers are afraid to let me stay. Does the plague still ravage London? - Abigail

Dr. Zarkov - My vacation on Mars bores me. What news from the ship? - Flash

Violet-winged fairy unjustly banished to Toadstool Forest seeks correspondence with others of the Wee Folk. No trolls, please.

How to use your 20 free words per issue

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I prefer that my letters should be just what my conversation would be if you and I were sitting in one another's company or taking walks together...spontaneous and easy. — Seneca